Five Proven Success Factors for Manufacturing Growth

Five Proven Success Factors for Manufacturing Growth

Currently, the Manufacturing sector is the second largest contributor to exports after mining. Manufacturing represented forty percent of total exports during 2009-2010, demonstrating its significance in the national economy. On the other hand, the manufacturing sector faces continuous pressure from low-cost manufacturing markets such as China and India.

This is further intensified by the strength of the US Dollar, rising input costs, and rising consumer social and environmental expectations. After the overview of the carbon tax, the customers will think prices to increase. But, manufacturers will have the chance to take full advantage of consumer preferences for goods in the future that are produced in an ecologically friendly manner and therefore do not include a carbon tax.

So What Is the Key to Success in Manufacturing Growth?

Business leaders and Manufacturing related companies need to improve their concentration on main success factors such as:

1. Hard Work and Determination

Almost half of the manufacturers cited determination as well as hard work as the key to their success in Manufacturing. Without these fundamentals in place, the other elements on the list fail, with the exclusion of number four on the list. It doesn’t matter how hard you work without the best technology.

2. Innovation

Innovation is not only about the development and retention, of modern technology, but also, it is about efficient and practical problem-solving as well as business transformation. In the manufacturing business, this can be reached by:

  • Exploring or Refining new supply as well as distribution channels.
  • Establishing new commercial offers.
  • Process improvement.
  • Developing more efficient organizational arrangements.
  • Providing better consumer service.
  • Access to ecological and clean technology: a priority on the agenda of customers concerned about the environment.

3. Productivity Development

A concentration on growing revenue, not only reduces costs, but it will also lead to the success and longevity of a business. In the Manufacturing Industry, this means:

4. Investment in People and Skills

The skills and knowledge of individuals contribute to improved productivity and innovation. Growing pressures on the Manufacturing Industry stem from expertise shortages and increasing competition for talent.

Individuals in the workforce can no longer afford to have just technical skills and knowledge. They require a wide range of abilities that include innovative thinking and problem-solving as well. In addition, networking services are important to success. Well-connected individuals who are able to collaborate and have access to the knowledge of their peers can build the success of an industry.

5. Financing

Financing allows manufacturing companies to improve productivity, remain competitive as well as innovate. Short-term drops in cash flow are common in the commercial cycle. Having access to cash that can assist you through those dips is important in business management.


Manufacturing companies that concentrate on these key success factors will improve their probabilities of success in the face of global competition as well as changing customer expectations.